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Welcome to Niche Academy!

Ever since the dawn of mankind, people have not stopped learning. In prehistoric times, people learned to control fire to keep warm and cook food. Galileo learned about Copernicus’ heliocentric theory and advocated the theory under the scrutiny of the Roman Catholic Church. And now you can learn about all the online resources and tutorials we have to offer at the Niles-Maine District Library. We offer a plethora of digital resources that helps us with many of our tasks. Whether it is writing an academic paper for school, checking financial reports to see if the DOW is up in points, or learning a new language in your spare time, we may eventually run into some hiccups along the way when we venture into the world of online resources.

Niche Academy is an online learning platform that serves as a one-stop tutorial slide menu located on the right-side of the Library’s homepage. It includes tutorials on most of our popular online resources, as well as social media websites and soon you can access select tutorials and handouts exclusively from the programs taught here at the Niles-Maine District Library!

You can access our Library’s Niche Academy by clicking here.

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