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Meditation & Physical Health

I have major anxiety most minutes of the day, so I am no stranger to feeling an unnamed sense of dread. With COVID-19 updates, worries, and uncertainty on top of us like a weighted blanket, it can make taking care of your mental and physical health a little daunting. These are weird times for all […]

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It’s A Virtual Pizza Party!

We host a lot of pizza parties in the Teen Underground. While we can’t get together for pizza right now, there’s nothing stopping us from making it at home and sharing the results online. Here’s the pizza dough recipe that I’ve used for years. The ingredients and equipment it requires are basic kitchen staples that […]

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Recipes Are Keepsakes, Too!

As a fan of all things History, the Library’s April Historic Recipe Road Show program intrigued me. With the pandemic keeping us home, we’re not sure if the program will still happen. But it made me think. I’d never heard of the Culinary Historians of Northern Illinois and their Cookery Manuscript Project. Nor their the […]

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Breathing Life into a Bewildering Decade: The ‘60s Come Alive at the Library

America recently went on “a Woodstock binge” due to the 50th anniversary of the fabled pop festival. Once again, the library enabled patrons to satisfy their curiosity about something in the news: we have plenty of photo-laden books and video content celebrating the event. However, this blog is not about just that: it’s about, “How […]

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