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Top 3 Reasons You Should Visit the Sox vs. Cubs: The Chicago Civil Wars Exhibit

I want to start off by saying that baseball isn’t my thing. Growing up, I was an “indoors” kid and didn’t really bother myself with sports at all. The only thing I really know about Chicago baseball is that we are a divided city and our blood either runs blue and red or black and white.

I’ve never really understood the whole Sox vs. Cubs rivalry or why we have two Major League Baseball teams in our city. But one thing I do get is the love each fan has for their team. I recently got a chance to hang out with Southpaw, the White Sox mascot, and the excitement of all of his fans was incredible. One thing is for sure–Chicagoans love fiercely and that is super exciting.

Both Teams Are Showcased

Even though the Niles-Maine District Library is located in the northern suburbs with an abundance of Cubs fans, the Sox vs. Cubs rivalry exhibit truly does support both teams. There is an equal opportunity to learn about both teams and really revel in the new information you’ll gain. There are also events scheduled to celebrate both teams like meeting Clark the Cubs mascot (Southpaw was here yesterday!) or making LED bracelets for either team. This exhibit has something for everyone!

History Buffs Celebrate

Who knew there was so much history wrapped up in baseball!? Visitors can learn from first-hand accounts of passionate supporters and historians. You can try your hand at trivia (did you know that the White Sox won their first World Series game in 1906?) or learn all about Harry Carey, the infamous Cubs announcer so beloved by many. Information about curses, ballparks, milestones, and important baseball figures is all available through videotaped interviews and posters. All of these interesting bits of information form an intense story of the rivalry and how it’s changed and developed over time.

Family Ties

Parents rejoice! Sox vs. Cubs: The Chicago Civil Wars is kid friendly! One of the greatest parts of this exhibit is that the whole family can learn and interact together. As a kid, there was nothing I loved more than going to museums with my parents and getting to see them interact in all the goofy kids’ activities. Not only will you be able to see the exhibit at your own pace, there are multiple activities and events geared towards the family (you can see a list of events here).

Even if you’re not a huge baseball fan like me, there is still a lot to gain from visiting the Sox vs. Cubs rivalry exhibit. My favorite part? Seeing all the cool vinyl records of music inspired by the Sox and Cubs.

Sox vs. Cubs: The Chicago Civil Wars exhibit runs through May 31 and is located on the 3rd floor in our Franklin Gallery. To see a list of events, please visit our page here.

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