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This Week in the Wonder Ground: Take Care of Your Teeth

This week in the Wonder Ground we started with the following riddle: a grown up human skeleton has 32 bones that a must be cleaned every single day. What are they?


Most of the Wonder Ground kids are in the process of losing their baby teeth, so it’s the perfect time to brush up on their dental hygiene knowledge. We started by going around the room as each kid reported how many teeth they have lost so far, and demonstrated the wiggly teeth that are getting ready to drop. Next we discussed what they can do to care for their new, and future, permanent teeth: flossing, brushing, eating healthy, and visiting the dentist.

When the subject of dentists came up, one girl mentioned that at her dentist found four cavities during her last visit. She wasn’t alone. Several other kids chimed in with their own cavity calamities, which led us to the book I planned to read:

Your Body Battles a Cavity by Vicki Cobb

Your mouth is a battle ground. When acids and bacteria strike, plaque builds up and starts digging tiny holes in your tooth, called cavities. Brushing and flossing are your weapons against these germs. They keep your teeth strong and healthy. Dive into this adventurous look at what goes on inside your mouth when cavities form. Get up-close and personal with comic illustrations and magnified images the actual cellular processes that happen to your teeth. This book will show what your body does to battle a cavity and how you can help.


We used a simple craft to illustrate how a small damaged spot in tooth enamel can grow into a cavity. Each kid chose a coffee filter, with the outline of a tooth drawn in crayon. We took a few minutes to decorate our teeth with crayon. Then we took black watercolor markers and drew one or more spots somewhere on the tooth. Finally we took a eye dropper and dropped a single drop of water on the black spot. The water hit the spot, and immediately sent tendrils of black ink spreading outward in every direction. Everyone agreed they wouldn’t want this happening to their teeth. They all left determined to brush and floss every day to keep pearly whites shining bright.


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