This Week in the Wonder Ground: How to Set a Goal

It’s important to start a new school year on the right foot. That’s why the we’re kicking off a new year of Wonder Grounding with a focus on Library Science. The library is bursting with great resources to help you learn, explore, and achieve great things. In fact, we offer so many different types of materials, services, tools, and programs that it can be difficult to find the ones you need. So in September, we’ll focus on the science at work behind-the-scenes at Niles-Maine District Library, and how can use it to learn everything your brain desires and requires.

Activity 1: We started each session by giving the kids a choice of one of three books depending on whether they wanted to set physical, academic, or social/emotional goals.

Academic Goals: How to Teach a Slug to Read by Susan Pearson:

Cover image for How to teach a slug to read

In this slimy early literacy adventure, a mother slug teaches her young son to read. Silly as this may seem, it turns out slugs and human children use many of the same methods to become good readers. So if you know someone who is just starting their adventure into literacy, share this book to give an introduction to the process.

Physical goals: Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle by Chris Raschka

This story follows a father as he teaches his daughter how to ride a bicycle. They start by selecting the right bike. Then she learns to transition from training wheels to a two-wheel bike. And most importantly, she learns to overcome fear after a fall.

Social/Emotional Goals: Enemy Pie by Derek Munson

Cover image for Enemy pie

This is a funny story that shows you how to turn a worst enemy into a best friend.


We talked about how to set a goal and develop plan to accomplish it. Using the graphic organizer below, Wonder Grounders were encouraged to choose an appropriate learning goal, determine what they need to get started, track progress, and record setbacks. The flip side features a space to draw a picture of their future achievement. You can pick up a copy of this worksheet in KidSpace or download the PDF Set a Goal.








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