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The Calming Effect of Cookie Decorating Videos

In this day and age, anything that can promote calm and tranquility is a plus to have in your life. I’ve tried meditation, but my butt falls asleep quicker than I do during it. I try mindfulness as much as I can, especially with eating, but there’s something nice about eating lunch and watching Chandler, Monica, and the rest of Friends gang get into their silly antics. 

I can’t ever seem to really shut my mind off completely and just be in the moment. With the pandemic still raging, political turmoil, and the media flooding our screens and news feeds with another slice of fear, it’s hard to wind down for the day, especially at night. 

I find my anxiety at its peak when I’m trying to fall asleep. The second I allow my mind to wander, it seems to love to play the game what if THIS happened? To combat the night, I’ve found a relaxing way to take my mind off the day and drift peacefully into a restful eight, okay fine—like 6 and a half hour slumber.

The answer? Cookie decorating videos. 

I don’t know what it is about them, but I’m mesmerized by the skill, creativity, and ease these bakers have when decorating cookies! There seems to be endless ideas piping from those little frosting bags, including fun characters, cute and adorable everyday objects like a milk carton or a cheeseburger, or just beautiful designs that are too gorgeous to even consider eating! I mean, real talk, I would eat all of these cookies. Pretty or not, my mouth will never say no to a delicious and frosted cookie.   

Watching cookie decorating videos is my form of meditation when sitting alone with my thoughts is more of a hindrance that a help. If you’re looking for a way to let your mind relax a little, check out some of my favorite cookie decorating compilation videos from YouTube! 

Not only are these videos fun to watch, but decorating cookies is a great hobby! Why not try your hand at your frosting skills by checking out some creative cookie design books from our collection!  

If you learn better by watching a step-by-step tutorial of cookie decorating that’s taught by an expert, why not try one of the many wonderful videos in our digital resource Creativebug!

Happy creating! 

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