Teen Zainab Reviews Mystery Themed Yay! YA Book Box and Loves It!

Books should be eye catching, captivating, and action packed all at once, right? Well, the book Ten by Gretchen McNeilmeets all of those expectations. Ten is a mystery novel in which each word you read will leave you desperate to read on. The book starts off as Meg and Minnie are invited to a party on an island. They are a bit skeptical about going at first, but they get over it when they learn that the party is hosted by a popular girl. Eight other people are also invited. When the two girls arrive at the party, Minne makes new friends. Meg, however, seems to be the odd duckling. Minnie forgets about her.

The party gets stranger and stranger. One of the members is found dead. Then another is found, and another. Some fingers start pointing to the party’s host since she arranged it. Others are just terrified, and they want to run away out of fear. But they cannot until the party ends. The party lasts for three days. Eventually, they do end up finding out who the murderer was. But the killer had an unfortunate history of why they were killing people. So who could it have been? You will have to read to find out!

Who Should Read This Book?
I recommend this book to teens who like horror stories, mystery, and people the ages of 12 and up. Since this book has some violence involved, I do not think anybody who gets anxious about horror related things should be reading this book. For me personally, I thought it was pretty gruesome.

Yay YA! Book Box Contents Review
Not only were the books in the box enjoyable, but the extra goodies were great as well! I especially loved playing the games. I played the Mad Libs with my whole family. We all got a good laugh out of it. Also, I really liked the stickers that said “CONFIDENTIAL” on them. I put one of those stickers on my diary. Overall, I had a blast with the contents in the book box. Thank you!

By: Zainab N.

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