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What Makes the Teen Underground Unique

I’ll start off by saying that the Teen Underground is such an amazing place. It’s full of phenomenal people, staff, games, etc. Some wonderful things the Teen Underground has to offer is a wide variety of gaming consoles. Whether you’re an Xbox or a PS4 fan, you’ll find an assortment of exhilarating games to play here. I also really enjoy playing the board games whenever I come with my friends. Anytime I come in, it always takes me a while to choose a game because there are so many options. Usually, I love to play Jenga, chess, and Suspend.

Something that I find really impressive is how diverse this place is and how every gender, race, and sexuality are welcome and not frowned upon. In a way, the Teen Underground is like the glue that keeps everyone together. Compared to other teen spaces, this is by far the nicest. I really like the high quality and hard work they put into making this place ours.

Another thing I love about the Teen Underground is the staff. The staff is really awesome and chill; they’re not rude and they don’t treat us unfairly. I really enjoy how they have an area specifically for teens. It’s cool to have a place to be yourself and to be around others who share the same interests. All things considered, I really think you should take the time and come check out the Teen Underground. I promise you won’t regret the decision.

by Teen Blogger L.A.

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