Teen Favorites: Movies of 2019

A movie to me is something that can be watched with my friends and family. I always look forward to watching a new movie to surprise me in some new ways. I have been going to the movie theater and streaming online movies from the wide selection of 2019.

A great move of 2019 is Avengers Endgame, a movie that is great to see as a Marvel comic fan. Being able to see the 2D characters coming to life as a live action movie is thrilling. The movie itself is really great, with each superhero reacting in a different way to the recent calamity. Then, there is always the epic battle in the end that shows every hero from the past movies, and brings everyone together in one last effort to win their last battle against their strongest enemy.

Another movie that has been a blast to see is Pokémon Detective Pikachu. This is a live action version of Pokémon, bringing the Pokémons into the real world. Seeing them being part of the world is interesting, and also very nostalgic  after watching and playing Pokémon. The comedic interaction between Pikachu and Tim, the protagonist, is hilarious to watch. The plot of the story follows Pikachu and Tim trying to find his father by gathering clues to where he could be. The feeling of watching Pokémon, and the journey that takes place in a Pokémon world makes it a pleasure to watch.

My final 2019 movie is Joker for being so mind-bending. This is the story about Arthur, a mentally ill person who gets his medication from social services. His life starts going to shambles when he brings a gun to work and gets fired. Then he shoots some people in self-defense, causing a movement. Arthur starts taking control of his life and convinces himself that he is doing a great thing. In the end, the whole idea of him being such a great person and taking control is just a delusion inside of his head – not being real in the first place. This is mind-bending: the whole story of the movie was just a delusion.

You can check out these and other great movies of 2019 in a variety of formats at the Niles-Maine District Library!

By Teen Blogger D.Z.

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