Niles-Maine District Library


Saving Money One Book at a Time

I am not in the habit of checking books out of the Library. As a matter of fact, I tend to buy a lot of the books I read. As a member of Costco, I find myself browsing their book selections and picking up two or three at a time. After all, who wants to wait? I would much rather have the books wait for me. But how long do the books have to wait to be read? If you are like me, sometimes you’re finding books you purchased long ago but never read. This is a complete waste.

This week I happened to check out a book from the Niles-Maine District Library and, on the hold wrapper and my receipt, I was informed that I just saved $28 by using the Library. The amount of savings is equal to what it might have cost me to buy the book. Duh! If you are an avid reader, it is easy to see how the savings could accumulate. If you read one book per month, the annual savings would be over $300. And if you check out other materials like a movie from the Blu-ray collection or a camera from the digital services collection, it is easy to see how the savings would be even greater.

The book I checked out was not available at Niles-Maine so they had to get it from another Library. And it only took a day or so. I am thrilled to have the book and save the money at the same time. In response, I have put several more items on hold with the Library. My concern now is how will I handle it if all of my holds become available before I am ready for them.


So, visit the Niles-Maine District Library and browse the collection or visit the Library on-line.

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