Punk for a Day Day: A Silly Holiday That Packs a Punch

Punk for a Day Day (say that a million times fast…) is a totally made-up holiday, sure, but what a fun one! As someone who grew up on the Ramones, Dead Boys, the Adicts, etc., this fake holiday couldn’t be more fitting. Since working at the Library, I’ve come to truly appreciate all the cool ways my library card opens up my world to not only films, music, tv, and books, but to art, technology, and community.

So, here’s me, a suburban punk rocker in her mid-thirties sharing ways to celebrate Punk with your library card.

Know Your History

Punk means a lot to a lot of different people; especially those who grew up in the late 70’s-early 80’s. Having the knowledge to back up your music choices is not only important but actually REALLY interesting! The way punk grew through generations is a story of underdogs, luck, and raw talent. To learn more about the early beginnings of punk from the mouths of some of the greatest punk musicians, check out the book Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil in our Catalog, OverDrive, and hoopla.

Choose a Subgenre or Two…

Are you strictly into UK Punk? Do you only like Trad 70’s Punk from New York City? Or Are you into newer Pop Punk, Surf Punk, Cow Punk, Street Punk? Do you want to branch out to Oi! or Traditional Ska, 2nd Wave Ska, 3rd Wave Ska… the list is endless. To learn what you like, try an array of different subgenres like early punk heroes the Ramones, 1970’s UK female-led X-Ray Spex, something harder like Anti-Pasti, something fun like the Adicts, or some good ol’ fashioned pop like Green Day.

Become a DIY Master

Punk is all about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and learning to create your own style is just the tip of the iceberg. Creativebug, a digital platform for DIYers and Crafters alike, has some really interesting classes to learn how to turn t-shirts into bags (for all the albums you’ll be bringing home from the record store), how to stencil (for when you’re decorating your walls with spray paint), and even how to screen print your favorite band name onto just about anything. There’s even a way to utilize the 3D printer in the Creative Studio with this awesome skull mohawk straw holder (for when the pandemic is over and we can have house parties again!) Just download this recipe and send in a request to print it here.

Even though Punk for a Day Day is totally made up, it’s a fun way to explore a music genre you may not know much about or celebrate the bands you love the most. I know I’ll be watching one of my favorite movies of all time, Rock n Roll High School, with my favorite band the Ramones. Enjoy!



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