September is National Preparedness Month

Week 1: Sept 1-8 Make and Practice your Plan

My family is spread out all over the country, which works out great when I want to travel to Philadelphia, southern Florida or Seattle. Then I hear about massive floods, devastating hurricanes and horrific commuter train accidents and panic, wishing I’d persisted a bit longer on creating that family emergency plan. How will I reach family members who’ve dropped off the cell phone, social media communication grid? Where would they go that I could find them, or they me. Did we agree on a third party we could connect through?

So here I am again, September is National Preparedness Month and I’m determined to make progress on this. I know to check NOAA for weather alerts in my area, but what I really want to know is whether any of the family is in danger. How great would it be to get emergency information about the areas where they live so that I’m aware and can offer help before an emergency situation develops or disaster hits.

Two apps help me with this. The first is the FEMA App. I can get emergency information on up to 5 locations. It also locates shelters and recovery centers with driving instructions. The second is the American Red Cross Emergency App with an “I’m safe” feature that lets people easily check-in with one another. The app also has great information about what to do in different kinds of emergency situations. So now I’ll find out what danger looms in Philadelphia, Seattle and Florida before it happens and I’m shocked by the evening news!

Watch the Don’t Wait, Communicate  video.

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