Meditation & Physical Health

I have major anxiety most minutes of the day, so I am no stranger to feeling an unnamed sense of dread. With COVID-19 updates, worries, and uncertainty on top of us like a weighted blanket, it can make taking care of your mental and physical health a little daunting.

These are weird times for all of us. It’s totally okay to not feel like yourself or have your motivation and focus ebb and flow. Feel all the feels and know that we are in this together.

If you are looking for ideas to fill your social distancing and stay-in-shelter days, why not try out a meditation app or a new and fun workout!

Here are some amazing resources1 at your digital fingers to bring a sense of calm into your life. Take a couple minutes out of refreshing your news or Instagram feed and focus on clearing some headspace and breathing with intention.

Aside from your mental health, moving your body every day is a great way to combat anxiety and stress. I mean, who doesn’t feel better after blasting Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off at max volume? Here’s some awesome resources to get your heartbeat pumping and release some endorphins!

We miss all your smiling faces at the Library and would love to hear if you tried out any new meditation apps or sweated through a fun workout!

Stay safe and six feet apart from each other out there!


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