Looking Back at the Last Year: Staff Picks from 2020

We all know 2020 will go down in history for being one of the strangest years ever. For me, as a public librarian, not physically interacting with the public but rather helping patrons remotely definitely qualifies as strange, as does hosting programs, attending meetings and watching presentations all via Zoom rather than in person. One good thing that came out of last year is that after a day of typing and Zooming, the last thing I wanted to do was look at another screen…so I read. I finished more books in 2020 than I ever have and occasionally found time to also catch up on some movies and series. I wanted to find out if my Niles-Maine colleagues felt the same. 

So, I asked my co-workers to let me know what their favorite watches and reads were from last year.  And since I got such great responses, I’ve divided our picks into three lists: Series, Movies, and Books. For the Series and Movies lists, I have included titles that were streamed on a variety of different platforms we do not have access to at the library (except on our Rokus in Digital Services). And hopefully (fingers crossed!) some of the streaming titles will eventually come on DVD or migrate to hoopla or Kanopy where we can watch them from the library’s collection. I found the variety of our choices fascinating and thought you might find it fascinating too. 

Considering that Hollywood and the publishing world were as affected as everywhere else by the Pandemic, it’s amazing that there are so many great titles on these lists. I hope you enjoy finding out what were our favorites of 2020!  And here’s hoping 2021 provides as much rich entertainment, but more importantly, less isolation and fear and eventually, more togetherness.

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