Library Donates 54 Thanksgiving Dinner Bags

The Niles-Maine District Library Board of Trustees and staff members donated 54 Thanksgiving dinner bags (up 19 from last year) to Niles Family Services on Monday, November 20.

“We’ve had a strong relationship with Niles Family Services for many years,” said Library Director, Susan Dove Lempke. We care about our patrons and we see how families struggle nowadays. This is our way of giving back to the community.”

Each dinner bag includes:

  • $25 gift card to a local grocery store (for purchasing turkey, gravy, etc)
  • stuffing
  • bread mix
  • mixed vegetables
  • sweet potatoes
  • olives
  • cranberry sauce

The total value of the gift cards alone surpasses $1,300. All funds and goods were donated exclusively by the Board of Trustees and staff members.

The effort started in 2011 when the Library Director at the time heard that Niles Family Services needed more goods to help feed families in the community during the holidays.

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