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It’s Only a Game…


In light of our beloved reigning champ Chicago Blackhawks being knocked out of the nail-biting Stanley Cup Western Conference Semi-Final two weeks ago and the crowning of the current Stanley Cup champs LA Kings awarded last weekend, hockey season is officially over.

Still depressed about what could’ve been? You’re not alone.

After the devastating loss in Game 7 of our series against the seemingly indomitable LA Kings, I was recently told that it’s “just a game”. But is it? Like so many sports, we watch it because of our passion for the sport. Like baseball, it’s a national past time that has grown through generations. It rallies people together and brings them closer than ever. It’s a chance to bring unprecedented revenue to a city crowned undisputed champion for that year or season if you will. Finally, it brings an unlimited amount of tourism to our city. And who wouldn’t want that?

Consider this: During Game 5 of the Western Conference Final (Semi-Finals), an insurmountable 767,900 households tuned in to watch the game. In TV speak, that equates to a 21.94 rating.

Furthermore, Game 7 of this thrilling series notched an impressive ratings bonanza.

The city of Chicago cares about their teams unlike any other. For this sport alone, we are considered the Number 1 fans. So to dole the pain of waiting until October rolls around for hockey season to officially begin again, here are some movies that will help keep you occupied. Unless otherwise noted, these can be found at the Niles Library:

Miracle (Blu-ray) (Interlibrary loan)

Miracle (DVD) (Interlibrary loan)

The Mighty Ducks

D2: The Mighty Ducks (Interlibrary loan)

D3: The Mighty Ducks

Chicago Blackhawks 2010 Stanley Cup Champions

Slap Shot

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