In Memory of Dina Merrill: 1923-2017

As an actor, Merrill was often called the predecessor to Grace Kelly, though she never came close to achieving Kelly’s level of success in the business.  But, there was much more to Merrill than just acting.  Both her father and her mother were famous for being from moneyed, influential families and Merrill herself married the heir to the Colgate-Palmolive fortune in 1946.  Because of these connections, she was on many boards of directors, as well as involved in many philanthropic endeavors.

Butterfield 8

Caddyshack II

Desk Set (also on blu-ray)

Don’t Give Up the Ship

I’ll Take Sweden

Just Tell Me What You Want

The Magnificent Ambersons (2002)

Operation Petticoat (also on blu-ray)

The Player (also on blu-ray)

The Sundowners


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