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Have You Seen a Robot Decorate Easter Eggs?

Meet the EggBot, a compact art robot that can draw detailed illustrations on all kinds of things that are normally impossible to print on. Any spherical or egg-shaped objects, from the size of a ping pong ball to Christmas tree ornament (roughly 1.25 to 4.25 inches in diameter) are perfect.  EggBot doesn’t require special ink cartridges since drawings are printed on the object using standard stationery fine-tip markers.


The EggBot features two high-torque precision stepping motors for rotating the egg and moving the pen. The pen lift mechanism is done by a quiet and reliable servo motor.

The EggBot is normally controlled through a set of open-source extensions to Inkscape, a superb and free vector graphics program with capabilities similar to Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.  It is the same program we are using in our laser cutter classes. Basic operation is similar to a printer: you import or make a drawing in Inkscape, and use the EggBot extensions to plot your drawing onto whatever object you’ve mounted in the EggBot.

If you need some inspiration for your drawings check Thingiverse, an excellent library of free files for laser cutter, 3D printer, or EggBot. Here is the example of one of the file opt-art-2.svg

The Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories sell variety of EggBot kits. The basic EggBot kits starts at $195.00.

Are you ready to make your collection of egg-cellent eggs? Please come to Design Easter Eggs with an EggBot event at Niles-Maine District Library on 3/14/2018 @ 6:00pm.

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