Girls Just Wanna Code

By Teen Underground Blogger Liza

Computers are all around us– from phones to tablets to laptops. Many novels, more notably Feed by M. T. Anderson and Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini, predicted computers to be small enough to become a part of someone’s body and control their brain. Since computers are so prevalent in our world, why not learn more about how they work?

Are you interested in what makes sprites in games move or why a text on a page is blue? Start learning code with Scratch! The Niles-Maine District Library has a program called Girls Who Code where girls in grades 6-12 can learn how to code in an exciting way. After learning how code is built in Scratch, it’s easy to transition into more complex programming languages like Java and Python.

According to, only 18% of the bachelor’s degrees earned in computer science are earned by women. Because of that, there have been programs made to get more girls interested in computer sciences. Girls Who Code is one of those programs. They are trying to inspire more girls and eliminate the prejudice against them.

I am excited about the program because I am a girl who wants to become a video game developer in the future. If it wasn’t for Girls Who Code, I doubt I would have even thought of going into the field. It’s strange to go to a class that’s made of mostly boys and it’s very comforting to see more girls there. It also makes me happy to see girls creating wonderful projects in the digital world and I hope that more and more girls will get into computer science.

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