Gardening Apps That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

The cold winter has dragged on this year forever.  Finally, it feels like spring. Spring means planting seeds and starting garden care that will last all seasons. Spring means the most exciting time to be a gardener. Here are the best apps to help you to cultivate a beautiful garden, embrace landscaping, identify plants, work the soil, etc.

Smartplant is the perfect gardening app for anyone who forgets to fertilize the hydrangeas, or needs to be reminded to water the container plants on the porch. Simply you add a plant to your digital garden, either through Smartplant database, your camera or using their barcode scanner at a retailer. The app then creates a care calendar and sends you a reminder specific for that plant like how often to fertilize, what pests to spray for, etc. You can also chat with experts about pests or other problems and get advice. Available for IOS and Android.

GrowIt! is like a gardener’s version of Facebook. You connect with other gardeners to show off your collection, share advice, and rate other people’s gardens. This garden app helps you find plants you love in their extensive database using different criteria like your location, color, light needs, plant type. It locates gardening shops near you. Available for IOS and Android devices.

Gardening Companion gives you access to 1000s of articles on gardening. Article content includes text, photos and YouTube videos – on anything from companion planting to troubleshooting.  It is a garden journal app too. It provides you with space to record a searchable gardening journal, track your own planting experiences, and set reminders for yourself (Time to water the plants! Time to order seeds! Time to plant the autumn garden!). Also, you can share your garden with friends online. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

GrowSquared Never grown a garden before? GrowSquared will give you tips and get you going; what to do and when to do it. It is a drag and drop square foot garden planning tool. GrowSquared helps you plan your bed sizes, select plants, set planting dates, gives you information on watering and planting, helps you plan ahead for harvesting your garden. A 3D interface allows you to plan your bed sizes and the garden space correctly before placing them down. It’s designed for iPhones and iPads.

Perennial Match is an excellent option for gardeners planning a perennial garden. This app includes a perennial reference library of 278 plants. You can choose plants and then view images of how they will look together, and the app includes a tool that describes compatibility of plants you’re considering using in the same garden. There are filters that provide information about sun and water requirements, height, blooming season, hardiness, resistance to deer, invasiveness, and much more. You can add your own plants and notes. (it’s not free – cost is $4.99).

iScape is a perfect app if you are planning a major landscaping overhaul. There is a free version you can play with that lets you take a picture of the area you want to landscape, then experiment with adding shrubs, trees, flowers, decks and other construction, to get an idea of how the area would look with these changes. Available for IOS and Android

Garden Answers Plant ID Have you ever seen a particular flower or plant and wondered what that is? Wonder no more, with this app simply take a photo of the plant and app will identify the plant and provide additional information about it. The app also provides information about plant diseases and insect infestations. Available for IOS and Android (Garden Answers Plant Identifier).

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet. It makes you want to grow a lot of plants to eat!



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