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Doing It Again

We are sheltering in place. How’s that going for you? I don’t know about you, but there’s only so much I can dream up to do whilst living under quarantine-like circumstances. I’m an empty-nester and confess I don’t have to conjure fascinating things for a household of children or teens, but I still need to be engaged.

An article in New York Times Smarter Living by Leah Fessler states that there can be joy in repeat experiences. Pondering this caused me to realize that I do like repeated experiences. I never tire of chocolate chip cookies or the sound of my husband’s voice when tells me he loves me.

I also love hearing or telling family stories. This made me realize that we can actually make something old new. We can share our favorites with each other while we shelter in place. Dust off your recollections of an old trip, family adventure or a fun time you had with those you love. Maybe you can talk about a misadventure in a humorous way. Let everybody talk about their memory.  Even little ones can enjoy this and everyone gets a chance to share.

As for me, I plan to use this strategy on my next family FaceTime call.  Who knows, I might hear stories of my adult daughters’ teen years that I never heard before! I’m also going to watch some movies and TV programs, listen to favorite music and re-read books I can download from the Library.

So if that new book or movie you wanted from the Library isn’t available yet, get one you enjoyed before. You might be surprised by what you see in it on the repeat.

Our Library has great options for reading, watching, listening, and learning. A number of commercial sites also are now offering free access to materials while we shelter in place. I hope you enjoy your time at home and all of the resources the Library has to offer.


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