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Creative Studio Maker Space: What Will You Create Today?

Greetings creatives, tinkerers, dreamers, artists, and makers! We are happy to welcome you to the Creative Studio Maker Space, now open at the Library.

This collaborative space is for you to use to learn creative software, try out an idea, pick up a new hobby, create a one-of-a-kind gift, or expand on the skills you’ve gained in one of our crafting classes. If you’re thinking, what can I even make in the space, the answer is…whatever you can dream up!

The Maker Space includes the following and more!

  • Laser Cutter
    Create a masterpiece in the Inkscape software and laser cut items like your own acrylic luggage tag, a wooden bookmark, or personalized signs for your garden!
  • Embroidery Machine
    Love putting your initials on stuff? Well, boy howdy is this the machine for you! Choose from a plethora of preset designs on the machine or customize one of your own. We have thread available for you to use in so many colors it makes rainbows look dull.
  • 3D Printer
    There really are endless possibilities when it comes to printing a 3D model of something. For ideas to get you started, check out Thingiverse or design your own creation with Tinkercad! When you’re ready to print, you can submit a job here.
  • Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine
    Whether it’s creating a design for a mug, t-shirt, wooden sign, mailbox, popcorn bowl, or really any surface that isn’t water, the Silhouette Cameo has you covered! Using the Silhouette Studio software and Cameo cutter, you’ll design and print your project on vinyl. And spoiler alert, the vinyl comes in so many fun colors and patterns, that you could spend days trying to decide which one to use!
  • Button Maker
    Give some pizzazz to a backpack, lanyard, or jacket with custom-made buttons! Making buttons is a fun and quick way to showcase your humor, support for a group or cause, or love of a fandom.
  • Heat Press
    Who doesn’t love being around a super-hot square contraption that looks like it would make a mean grilled cheese? The heat press is great for those projects like making a photo-t-shirt or using the heat transfer vinyl on a tote bag.
  • Poster Printer
    When an 8.5×11 piece of paper won’t cut it for your project, we have a large poster printer that can handle jobs for larger banners and images. For more information and how to submit a job today, click here.
  • Janome Sewing Machines
    Hem your own pants, repurpose an old t-shirt, or make a throw pillow for a housewarming gift! There are sew (see what I did there?) many projects you can do with the sewing machine. We have scraps for you to practice on, but for larger projects, you will need to bring in your own fabric.

The Maker Space is open to everyone ages 13 and up! We encourage you to explore the Maker Space, watch YouTube tutorials, check out Creativebug, attend one of our crafting classes, and browse Etsy and Pinterest for project ideas.

Our hours of operation are Tuesday-Thursday 1-8 p.m., Fridays 1-6 p.m., and Saturdays 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

So the only question is, what will you create in the Maker Space?

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