Books + Recipes = A Winning Combination!

Hello Library Friends!

Whenever I am doing a book discussion, whether it be with kids or adults I am always looking for something to really bring the book to life, whether that is a game, an artistic tie-in, or most deliciously, a recipe.

If you can eat the same food a character in a book is eating you are that much closer to imagining and understanding their experience. There are books that actually contain recipes for you to try and creative recipes that are inspired by book characters or time periods. For both kids and adults, I find this to be a fun way to really get into the book you are reading and extend the experience.

Use one of these lists as inspiration to start your own in-house book club, throw a book party for your family, or just find a new recipe to try.

This Listopia from Goodreads called Books that Cook is just for books, a lot of them memoirs, that incorporate recipes, but are not cookbooks! did a list of 31 recipes inspired by children’s books! Some of these are a bit of a stretch, but all of them look delicious.

You can also watch this video tutorial I made on how to make “Cheetos Treats” from The Great Treehouse War by Lisa Graff – a Bluestem and Niles Library Battle of the Books book this year.


You can borrow it online as a downloadable book, or pick up the physical book/audiobook from the Niles Library, then get ready to make this quick and easy treat. You only need three ingredients, and you can substitute in your favorite chip or cereal for a straight-from-the-pantry dessert.

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