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Finding the Hidden Value in Your Library Card

There is hidden value in your library card. And you really don’t have to look very far.

The most obvious and oft repeated value is contained in the traditional definition of a lending library. A cardholder or patron may borrow a book for a period of time and enjoy it without having to buy it. Over the past several years, this definition has expanded to include the various other media choices but the idea is still the same. Don’t buy that item, borrow it from the local library and return it when you are done.

If you look a little harder, you can find even greater value. The Niles-Maine District Library has so many new resources to help patrons. About a year ago, I was looking at my insurance policy renewals and trying to think of a way to maintain the coverage I had without paying so much.

Stay with me…I know that insurance can be boring but it is a necessity and if you aren’t careful it could really cost a lot of money.

I shopped my policies around and wasn’t really able to save any money. And then, I accessed the Consumer Reports subscription on the Niles-Maine District Library website and searched on “insurance.” My search returned a number of choices and I started with the top choice. After calling and going through the application process, I saved over $1,000 on my insurance policies and this year, my insurance costs decreased even more.

There are several resources available to library patrons that will help you save money a number of different ways.

The Library’s Flipster service provides over 50 easy to use digital magazines which are entertaining (People, Star, etc.), informative (Time, Newsweek, etc.), and practical (Money, Better Homes & Gardens, etc.). Each issue you read online instead of buying at the grocery store checkout will save you around $5 not to mention the money saving tips embedded in each publication. If you are reading 5 weekly magazines and changed to the online version, you could save over $1,000 per year.

There are over 50 subscription services which can mostly be used from the comfort of your own home listed on the Library’s website at You only need to have a Niles-Maine District Library card to use them. Each service will help you save money by avoiding paying subscription fees and/or providing information you may use to get a better deal somewhere.

This card truly is the Best. Deal. Ever!

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