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¡Basta! Anthology

Meticulously compiled and researched, each vignette provides a fictionalized glimpse into the lives and experiences of victims of gendered violence. Niles resident, Monica Kessler, contributed to this work in the hopes that, “this book will bring an awareness to the topic of gender violence and that it will give young Latinas and Latinos something to think about and possibly examine within their own lives. Although this topic was specifically focused on Latinas, it is a universal subject. It can affect women of various ethnicities. It can affect your grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, or friend. The impact can be felt within entire families and for generations. Also, children learn from a young age which behaviors to follow. The book’s purpose is to bring a voice to an injustice which often goes overlooked.”
Haunting, stark, and heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

#nilesartsculture #hispanicheritagemonth

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