An exhibitor teaches new crafting skills to a young girl at Maker Fest 2017.

Sneak Peek: 3rd Annual Maker Fest

What is a maker?

Makers are people just like you and me—people with ideas and imaginations and favorite hobbies. The only requirement to becoming a maker is to act upon your creativity in order to bring the fruits of your imagination to life! With the right tools and collaboration with other like-minded people, mere ideas can materialize into works of art or solutions to real world problems.

Maker Fest is an annual event held at the Niles-Maine District Library that celebrates the innovators, tinkerers, hobbyists, crafty people, and entrepreneurs in our world. We’re already in our third year and more and more people attend every time! With exhibitions, demonstrations, and activities ranging from science and tech to fine arts and crafts, Maker Fest is a big show-and-tell run by and for the creatives in our community.

Here are just a few of the specifics on what you can expect at Maker Fest 2018:

Connect with our local exhibitors! Techies, artists and crafters alike will be showing off the wonderful things they make as well as the processes that go on behind the scenes. Even tasks that appear simple at first, such as knitting, are often much more complex than you think! Most exhibitors provide a hands-on activity everyone can participate in.

See robots in action, and learn how they work! Are you fascinated by engineering and cutting-edge technology? Come learn about how we’re using science and mechanics to create and better and more productive future!

Make your own comic. Join Northside Comic Artists for a journey into the world of graphic arts and visual storytelling. Making doesn’t just happen in a lab—unleash your imagination and bring characters, worlds, and your own personal narrative flare to life!

Empower yourself with the Library’s tools and resources. The Library has 3D printers, music and sound equipment, a laser cutter, DSLR and video cameras, and more. You bring the ideas and the initiative, and we’ll give you the stuff you need to make your dream happen. Who knows—you could be the next big YouTuber!

Develop new skills. Learning practical skills that carry over into your regular life can save a lot of time, energy, and stress. Alternatively, impress your friends (and make them slightly nervous) with a newfound ability to pick locks!

Collaborate with other makers on a wooden sculpture. One of the best ways to strengthen our maker community is to build connections. Creative collaboration is a wonderful outlet for this positive energy, and allows you to make new friends as well!

This is just a first peek at what’s going on at Maker Fest; the Niles-Maine District Library has the day jam-packed with things to do for all ages and all backgrounds of knowledge! Parents be warned: your kids won’t want to leave. Then again, you probably won’t either!

Maker Fest is a FREE event for all ages on Saturday, November 10, 12-3:30 p.m.

For more information, visit our Maker Fest page!

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