Niles-Maine District Library

Storm Trooper Invasion!

10 Reasons to Attend Fandom Fest

1. Cosplay

Transform yourself for a day and come in as a powerful superhero (or villain), a beautiful sailor scout, or a silly cartoon character! People like wearing costumes; people like people wearing costumes from their favorite shows or movies. You’ll probably be asked to take a picture with a gawker. Think you have what it takes to dazzle an audience and crowd? Participate in the Teen Cosplay Contest and win a prize! Children can participate in the Kids’ Costume Parade.

2. Svengoolie

Meet Chicago’s beloved horror movie show host, Svengoolie, from MeTV! See him in the flesh and get his autograph!

3. 501st Legion Midwest Garrison

Stormtroopers are invading the Library! The 501st Legion Midwest Garrison will be swarming around the Library, so feel free and ask one of them to take a selfie with these intergalactic soldiers.

4. Prize Drawings and Free Swag Bags

The first 200 attendees will receive a swag bag full of Fandom Fest goodies. Oh did I mention this stuff is free? Supplies are limited so get them while they last! We will also have three drawings throughout the event and you could walk out with comic books, action figures, and more! Prize drawings will occur every hour during the event.

  • Library District cardholders will receive 3 drawing tickets.
  • Non-cardholders will receive 1 drawing ticket.
  • If non-cardholders are eligible for a Niles library card and sign up for one, they will receive 3 drawing tickets.

5. Drawing Workshops

Ever wonder how much work went into sketching and illustrating your favorite comics? Come by the drawing workshop and see what it takes to bring an idea to life on paper. The drawing pen is mightier than the sword!

6. Cool Vendors and Merch

Take a stroll down the Artist Alley and vendor tables to purchase cool merchandise from your favorite comic book series, TV shows, and movies. Gargoyle Forge will be selling high-quality and handmade foam role playing and cosplay props if you need to equip your inventory.

7. Food

Blue Box Cafe will be selling super scrumptious signature treats. When Fandom Fest gets too hot with non-stop action, cool yourself down with an icy and refreshing gourmet ice pop from Yummpops. Both food vendors bring fresh and locally sourced ingredients to fuel your food fantasies.

8. Girl Power

Join professor and performer, Alicia Swiz, for a discussion on connections between gender and fandom, focusing on the roles of girls and women in creating fan culture. Alicia will also lead a dialogue about rebellion and resistance, puberty, personal politics, and the need for safe spaces. Even superheros have a responsibility to represent all people!

9. Help The Flash Save Iris West (Escape Room Adventure)

Barry Allen A.K.A. The Flash deals with the consequences of his decision to interfere in the timeline and save his mother. A self-proclaimed speed god, Savitar, emerges and threatens the life of Iris West, Barry’s fiancé. It becomes a race against time to find Savitar and save Iris West. How does the fastest man alive catch this unstoppable speedster? As Savitar zooms across the world, Barry must keep up. Participants will work together to uncover hidden clues Iris left behind for Barry to follow. The Flash needs your help to capture Savitar and save Iris. Can you do it?

10. The Community

The nine previous reasons all add up to this one very important reason on why you should attend Fandom Fest. It’s about the community. You build connections with other people with common interests and make new friends that live around the area.

These are only a few reasons why you should attend Fandom Fest, but there are a lot more…too many to list! Fandom Fest is a free, family-friendly event for all ages, so come out on Saturday, August 19 at 11am-3pm and join forces with other fans to celebrate a day of epic heroes and characters!

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