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10 Home Renovation Resources at the Library

It’s that time of year again, the trees are blooming, the birds are singing, the sun is out, and you’ve just finished the spring cleaning you’ve been avoiding for the longest time.

Now you’re thinking about what project you should begin next, fixing the withered garden that was ruined by the long winter, or remodeling your kitchen that’s been untouched for the past 20 years.

You’re not sure where to start though, do you drive around to random stores all over town looking for ideas, or do you look up how your favorite celebrities remodeled their multi-million mansions. These ways might be helpful to some, but for most it would just make life more confusing and possibly result in spending huge amounts of money that could be saved.

Recently, the Village of Niles named a strip on Milwaukee Avenue between Oakton St. and Touhy Ave. the Niles Design District due to the large amount of businesses related to home design and improvement. The purpose of this design district is to create a centralized area in Niles that offers its community members affordable services from businesses that will help them in their home or business improvement projects.

You’re probably wondering, what does the Library have to do with remodeling my home? Well, we might not have the physical bathtub you need, or the countertops for your kitchen, but what we do have though, are an abundance of resources that will help guide or inspire you in your renovation process. From Chris Peterson’s book about designing your bathroom, to the Property Brothers’ books about remodeling your entire home, the Library has it all!

Below is a list of 10 books and online resources that you can check out with your Niles-Maine library card.


  1. Renovation by Michael Litchfield
  2. The visual handbook of building and remodeling: a comprehensive guide to choosing the right materials and systems for every part of your home by Charles Wing
  3. Remodel success: home remodeling done right, on time, and on budget by Monica D. Higgins
  4. Dream Home: the Property Brothers’ ultimate guide to finding & fixing your perfect house by Jonathan Scott
  5. Bathroom ideas you can use: the latest design styles, fixtures, surfaces and remodeling tips by Chris Peterson
  6. All new kitchen ideas that work by Heather Paper
  7. Kitchen ideas that you can use: the latest styles, appliances, features, and tips for renovating your kitchen by Chris Peterson
  8. Taunton’s basements complete: expert advice from start to finish by Steve Cory

Online Resources:

  1. Chicago Consumer Checkbook can be used to check on contractors and remodelers. These businesses are reviewed by customers.
  2. Consumer Reports rates appliances and materials such as carpeting, hardwood floors, and whole house systems.


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