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You Kill Me

For a dark comedy, this one is pretty good. It’s edgy and extreme, funny without being too cutesy, and very well acted. Ben Kingsley plays Frank, a mob hit man with a problem…a drinking problem. And, like all serious addictions, it starts to affect his work. Now, when the normal guy/gal has their drinking affect their job, it’s one thing…but when a hired killer is drunk, it’s a little more serious of a problem. Sent out to San Francisco to “get clean” by his mob-boss uncle (who’s having other problems as well), he gets a job in a mortuary and joins AA. After meeting a girl, who is oddly indifferent to his profession, Frank cleans up, only to have to go back home to help his uncle with some “family” business. I’ve seen Kingsley in some mildly amusing roles, but this is pretty broad for him. And he pulls it off masterfully. And while he shines, and the other cast also holds their own, the real star of this one is the script. Sharp and witty, it’s a must see for anyone who doesn’t mind a little killing with their comedy!

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