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This Week in the Wonder Ground:

Big Idea: The way to change how something moves is to give it a push or a pull. Activity: We challenged kids to use a variety of materials to move toy cars across different surfaces. They used string and rubber bands to pull cars along the floor. They used straws to blow on their cars, […]

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This Week in the Wonder Ground: How Sound Travels

This week’s Big Idea: Sound travels through some materials better than others. Last week we explored how sound travels through air and water. This week we explore how sound travels through other materials like metal, rubber, carpet, and plastic. Activity:  First, we laid out a smörgåsbord of stuff to explore. On one side, we had […]

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This Week in the Wonder Ground: Squishy Circuits

Last week’s Big Idea: Electrically charged objects attract or repel other objects Activity 1: We rubbed balloons against wool, scarves, and our heads, generating static electricity. We touched the static-y balloons to different materials to see how they would react to electricity. Bits of paper, thread, and yarn were attracted to balloons. Magnets and paper […]

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