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A Guide to Popular TV Dramas: Part 2

The first part of this blog series featured Character Driven Procedural TV shows, and today I’ll focus on Plot Driven Procedural TV shows. If you have flipped through the channels, you may have noticed already that the vast majority of plot driven procedurals are crime dramas. They are easy to follow and do not require […]

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A Guide to Popular TV Dramas: Part 1

Television is a vast wasteland. With so many shows on right now, how do you know which one to choose from? Dramas and comedies are the most popular forms of genre. But within the context of dramas, what is the right show for you? This blog series is a handy guide to some of the […]

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Doctor Who DIY

The much beloved British television series Doctor Who has been with us for 50 years. Debuting in 1963, this science fiction show about a time traveling alien ran for 26 seasons before ending in 1989. Reborn in 2005, the series is as popular as ever. The eighth season of the new series begins this fall, […]

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