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Hey, ever thought of writing about your life, but didn’t know where to start?  Come to our Six-Word Memoir Workshop and begin crafting stories about yourself in just one sentence!  Check out the SMITH Magazine website  to read life stories submitted by other people.

When: 7:00pm, Wednesday July 30
Where: Large Meeting Room, Niles Public Library, 6960 Oakton St., Niles


About Donna B

Hi! My main hangout in the Library is the Teen Underground, but you'll find me wandering all over the building. Originally from Northeast Iowa, I've lived in the Chicago area long enough that people don't tell me I sound like a character from "Fargo" anymore. I geek out on ginger ale and black licorice, Pottermore sorted me into Slytherin, and if I were a dog I'd be a shiba inu.

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  1. Rachel

    Hello Niles librarians and teens! I’m Rachel, the co-creator of the Six-Word Memoir project and co-editor of NQWIWP. We’re thrilled you guys are running with the concept, and happy to tell you we are currently working on an all-teen six-word memoir book. Please contact me after your workshop, and we can consider your memoirs to be published!


  2. Brenda Little

    Hello Niles Library Folk — After reading a fascinating story about this book in the newspaper, I created a page about it inviting visitors to leave their own six-word sentences. If you would like to read it and possibly leave your six-word sentence, you can find it at am guessing you’ve already given some thought to the topic so adding your six-word sentence should not be hard! I hope you’ll visit…


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