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The Valet

From the writer and director of The Closet, this film is another French comedy success…in the grand tradition of some of the classic French farces (i.e. La Cage aux Folles). The main character is a nerdy guy who’s unsuccessful in the love, looks, and job departments (he’s a valet). Coincidentally, he gets photographed next to a supermodel. Because of a series of comic circumstances, he and the model must “pose” to be lovers and even live together so it appears their proximity in the photograph is legit. Both actors, the valet (Gad Elmaleh) and the model’s real but married lover (Daniel Auteuil), are just perfect in their roles…especially Auteuil, who is one of France’s most talented actors, in both comedies and dramas. It’s a short movie that you want to go on and on since it’s almost too good to end. A must for all comedy lovers…whether you like foreign films or not! And, while you’re at it, check out The Closet too. That one is also a must see!

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