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The Station Agent

This is a simple movie. Nothing really happens, aside from small, little strides the characters make in getting closer to each other. It’s more like a case study of the human psyche or even the human spirit. Regardless of how little happens, though, I came away feeling moved and affected by what I had just seen. If action movies or fast-paced films are your speed, this one might not sit with you, but I would recommend everyone at least give this small film a chance. It has a powerful message in that we are all flawed in our own ways and that by just being there for one another, we can help. There is no corny “let me help you” kind of dialogue here—nothing that cliché would be found in this script. Sometimes, especially with the main character (played with perfection by Peter Dinklage), nothing is said at all. A meaningful film that takes its time to say (or show) what it needs to and leaves out all of the other stuff.

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