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When the weather is frightful, such as the New Year’s holiday snowstorm and last week’s frigid arctic cold, there are certain movies that will do the trick when you’re stuck at home.

And that’s where franchise series movies sweeps in to save the day.

For those who prefer to cozy up on the couch, sipping a hot beverage (hot coffee for me) in front of the TV, these types of films have the power to save the day and definitely suits your entertaining needs. You’re not just watching a single movie with a singular narrative, but rather a string of movies that share a common world, some with an overarching storyline such as the blockbuster Lord of the Rings andĀ Back to the FutureĀ trilogies.

These types of movies will certainly keep you occupied when you’ve got nothing else you’d rather do but relax. Rather than fingering through a vast array of movies to watch, these shared movies have the power to pull you in like a good cliffhanger; they rope you into coming back for more.

You’ll be immersed in these marathon viewings that by the time you know it, it’s time to hit the sack and call it a night. There are several film series that I highly recommend when you’re in a mood for a combination of action, adventure, drama, comedy, and thrills.

Aside from the above mentioned series, below is a list of blockbuster films that will keep you entertained on a snowy day all of which are available at the Niles Library:

Harry Potter series

Jurassic Park trilogy

X-Men trilogy: X-Men (DVD) (Blu-ray); X2: X-Men United (DVD) (Blu-ray); X-Men: The Last Stand (DVD) (Blu-ray)

The New Batman reboot: Batman Begins (DVD) (Blu-ray); The Dark Knight (DVD) (Blu-ray); and The Dark Knight Rises (DVD) (Blu-ray)

Marvel Series Phase One: Iron Man (DVD); The Incredible Hulk (DVD); Iron Man 2 (DVD); Thor (DVD) (Blu-ray); Captain America: The First Avenger (DVD); The Avengers (DVD) (Blu-ray) While these are separate entities, the first five movies eventually culminate in the superhero smash-up The Avengers.

P.S. If you can catch that title reference to a pop cult TV show from the past, kudos to you. You’re as much a TV geek as I am.


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