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This is one funny film. It is not exactly politically correct and it is also not a perfect film (I just don’t like the son’s character) but all-in-all, it will make you laugh (most likely). A remake of La Cage Aux Folles, here director Mike Nichols weaves a comic web of intrigue, bawdiness, love, sex and scandal…all set in South Beach, Miami…one of the playgrounds of the world. Even though there is a great cast here including Gene Hackman and Dianne Wiest, Robin Williams and Nathan Lane steal the show as gay lovers who own, manage (Williams) and perform in (Lane) a South Beach nightclub. Enter Hackman and Wiest as ultra-conservative parents of young lady who wants to marry Williams’ son. The fact that Hackman is a Republican senator involved in a sex scandal is not helping him feel more charitable. What happens? Well, you just have to watch and find out. But, I warn you, get your funny bone tuned!


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