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Actor Robert Pattinson appeared recently at Orland Square Mall south of Chicago.  Read about his adventures in this article.

Here’s another story about fans  who were turned away from the event.

Would you have waited overnight for a chance to meet Pattinson?  Would you be upset if you were turned away?

The Twilight movie opens nationwide on November 21. 

If you’re planning to see it anyway, then why not write a review?  From Betsy, at Teen Ink Magazine:

Hey all:

We’re holding a “Twilight” movie review contest, and we want you to participate whether you’re a lover or a hater! The writer of the best review (positive or negative) will receive their choice of a Twilight companion book or a Teen Ink book. You’ll also receive a year’s subscription to Teen Ink Magazine, and your review will be seriously considered for publication!


The contest deadline is December 1st.  Post your review (positive or negative) on Facebook, or email it to betsy (at)

You can also post your movie reviews at the NPLD website.  Local reviewers are entered in a monthly prize drawing!

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10 Responses to “Teen Ink Movie Review Contest – Twilight”

  1. alejandra

    the principal vimpire he is so find like it seems so true the story i saw the movien in opening night and it was fantastic but i didnt like it the end bcu you dont know what is going to happen i hope that the put twightligh 2 really soon im going to read the book and thats really wierd on me because i dont usually read bo0ks but this time is different

  2. Tammy

    wow this movie was fucken awsome! i was literally jumping out of my seat! my friend was like having an orgasm because of Robert Pattinson! wow if i could i would merry him in a heart beat. at first i didnt want to see the movie, idk why. but then i change my mind, and im glad i did. I seriously have twilight feavor! i didnt read the book because i have the attention span of a squirl! haha but i will. and ill check back to write a review of the book. ttyl!

  3. bernadette

    I’ve watch the movie with my daughter and my husband…at first, I have no idea what the movie is all about but as I continue watching it, it got my full attention and I’m still looking forward for its next movie. The actors are great, the story is great..

  4. TwilightFan

    They Cudnt of found a better edward.
    ur obviously high maintinance. Lol
    Twilight is Great. enjoyed the movie but the book is Way better …
    im not just saying this because im a teenage girl okayyy ..
    although the film cud of had a bit more emotional insight
    and why did bella NEVER smile
    i thort she was sposed to be happy dispite every thing

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