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2014 Teen Choice Award Winners


50 teens in grades 7-12 participated in our annual Teen Choice Award voting this spring. The votes have been counted, and your voices have been heard. In addition to creating fun “best of” lists, these results are actually very helpful when it comes to deciding what DVDs, CDs and games to order for our collection. Here are Niles teens’ current favorites:

Guess what? Musical tastes are highly subjective, and Niles teens enjoy a diverse range of artists. Very few people can agree on a single song as their favorite. “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen was the clear winner, although some people¬†choose Idina Menzel‘s version while others prefer Demi Lovato’s. At least no one voted for Adele Dazeem.

Speaking of Frozen, guess what movie garnered the most votes? Yep. Catching Fire finished second, while The Lego Movie was a distant third.

Flappy Bird won with a comfortable margin, followed by Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto 5.

TV Show
Vampire Diaries is the top-vote getter, followed closely by The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters in a three-way tie.

Online Video
“On the Floor” by IceJJFish won this new category; he knows how bad he is, right? PewDiePie’s entire YouTube channel came in a close second.

In this new category, Flappy Bird crushed the competition before crushing it’s skull against a death pipe. Snapchat finished second.



Social Media Network
This category was added half-way through the voting, so not everyone got a chance to vote. Instagram, which also received votes for best app, was the clear winner. Facebook also got some love.


What do you think of these results? Are your favorites missing?

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