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Take A Chance On Me: Blind Date…With A Book


Do you seek a strong female for thrills and romance? Is travel with a mysterious man more up your alley? How about zombies and demons? Or angelic warriors?

Okay, so maybe those last two don’t seem like great dates, but what if those dates are with books? All February long, the Niles Library invites you to take a chance on literary love: let us set you up on a blind date with a book. These “dates” are all wrapped and put on display with only a few vital details to identify them. Visit the Lower Level for teen titles, and the Second Floor for adult titles.

If you are fed up with poorly developed female characters, for instance, then check out a story that features a capable female protagonist.¬†We’ve also got alien invasions and epic magical battles. If you’re not into fantasy or science fiction, then try a realistic high school or historical drama. Just don’t ask about titles and authors, or try to peek at the covers. Give these books a chance based on their personalities. Remember: appearances can be misleading. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

There’s no special process involved in check out; the self check machines can read RFID tags through the wrappings. All you need is your library card. The hardest part will be resisting the urge to look at the title on your check out receipt before unwrapping the book at home.

We’ve included review slips inside the books so that you can tell us how your date went when you return your book. Did you discover a new author or series to love, or did your date fail to win you over? Either way, we’d love to hear about it! We can suggest other titles that you may enjoy, and you’re also welcome to try as many blind dates as you like.

Happy reading, and remember: while a road trip, a talking gnome and mad cow disease sound like ingredients for a disastrous first date, if that date is with a book then it just might be a perfect match.

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