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This Month in the Wonder Ground: Light

Have you ever played shadow tag on a sunny day? Or watched a lightning storm while cuddled up with a friend or pet? Or perhaps you keep a flashlight hidden under the covers so you can read past your bedtime. All of these activities are fun ways to explore and study light from a scientific […]

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This Week in the Wonder Ground: Move It!

This week’s Big Idea: Motion is movement. Activity 1: We were motion detectives this week in the Wonder Ground. We went around the room asking kids act out a motion they like to do with their bodies. Then they described how they do the motion and drew a picture of it. Activity 2: Next we […]

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This Week in the Wonder Ground: Sound Changes

This week’s Big Idea: Change the vibration, change the sound. This week we learned that a high-pitched sound has a different vibration than a low-pitched sound. First, we used our voices. We placed our hands on our throats, and felt the vibrations our vocal chords made when we spoke. Then I asked the kids to […]

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