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Mission Accomplished Part 1: The Molting of the Monarch

The caterpillar house in KidSpace is a busy place. Inside, the caterpillars eat, grow, poop, molt, and sleep. They even fight over territory every once in a while. Outside, kids and their grownups observe, discuss, record, draw, and photograph every move these little critters make. (more…) Facebook0Google+0TwitterPinterest0Tumblr0email

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Butterfly Birth 2015

Butterflies at the Niles Library!

The Niles Public Library has delivered two healthy, bedazzled Monarch butterflies as of Monday, July 20 – one that day and another the day before. It happened in KidSpace, where a rectangular glass enclosure allowed patrons to observe these little critters evolving from munching caterpillars to beautiful butterflies. It is worth noting that this opportunity […]

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Science Dogs

Bow-WOW: Dogs Teach Chemistry?!

Science is awesome. Dogs are cute. Put them together, and what do you get? An awesome way to learn fundamental concepts in chemistry! Professional chemist and amateur dog trainer, Lauren Girard, combines her two interests to create these fantastic videos about chemical bonds. The atom has never been so cuddly! (more…) Facebook0Google+0TwitterPinterest0Tumblr0email

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