Here it is, the moment you (and I) have been waiting for: the reveal of my number 1 (not to mention favorite show of all time)! That top spot goes to…Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Since its inception over a decade ago and the premiere of the pilot episode (the first episode of any series), which aired exactly 17 years ago today (FUN FACT) as of this writing, Buffy, as it came to be known as, lived on in pop culture and its existence has influenced multiple series that came after it. In particular, the popular use of pop culture that was a touchstone of its dialogue and the existence of a “big bad” per season has popped up in other series such as Smallville.

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37 teens braved the construction to vote in our annual Teen Choice Awards. Their ballots have been counted, and here are the winners in each category.

Best Song:


Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Best Video Game:


Call of Duty

Best Movie (tie):


Hunger Games


Wreck-It Ralph

Best TV Show:


Pretty Little Liars

Best Music Video:


Gangnam Style by Psy

Best Musical Artist:



Best Song, Movie, TV Show and Music Video were selected by a straight count of the popular vote. In the case of Video Games, votes for specific editions of a particular game (ie. 1 for Just Dance 3, 1 for Just Dance 4) were combined (2 for Just Dance) . The Musical Artist category was chosen by combining the votes for best song and best music video.


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