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DVD Review: The Love Punch

Never heard of it? Well, it got a VERY small theatrical release (I’m not sure if it ever even got released on the Chicagoland area). And with stars like Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson, that is surprising and sad. But, alas, that’s the business of Hollywood for you. (more…) 0000

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The Ghost Writer

A sensational thriller from Oscar-winner Roman Polanski who has filmed one of the best final shots I’ve ever seen on the screen. To me, it’s a simply perfect ending to an already great film. This one leaves you guessing all the way…and even once you think you know what’s going on, you’re usually wrong. Ewan […]

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The World is Not Enough

An above-average James Bond film with enough explosions and chases to spill into the next film. This time, 007 goes up again an “un-killable” foe who is slowly dying from a bullet another MI-6 agent shot into his head. The plot involves stealing a nuclear bomb that’s needed to destroy an oil pipeline. The un-believability […]

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The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Do you want to have some romantic, exciting fun? If so, check this one out! This is one clever, keeps-you-guessing remake, all while being a wild ride. After I watched this one and loved it, I checked out the original film. The 1968 version is less exciting, more confusing and basically, in my opinion, not […]

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