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This Month in the Wonder Ground: Light

Have you ever played shadow tag on a sunny day? Or watched a lightning storm while cuddled up with a friend or pet? Or perhaps you keep a flashlight hidden under the covers so you can read past your bedtime. All of these activities are fun ways to explore and study light from a scientific […]

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This Week In the Wonder Ground

This week’s Big Idea: The path light travels. This week in the Wonder Ground we explored how light travels through different spaces and substances. Activity 1: We filled a fish tank with water and mixed in a small amount of skim milk to make it cloudy. Then we shined a flashlight into the narrow end […]

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The Winslow Boy

A charming tale about legal issues in the Edwardian Era of London…but also a fascinating look at the social graces of the day. How prim and proper everyone is…and restrained — it’s almost sinful (in a VERY reserved say, of course). Based on a true early 20th Century case in London, a young man gets […]

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Confessions of a Shopaholic

This is a cute, fun movie that will take your mind off of your own financial problems…for 2 hours, at least. It’s not high art, but when you look at the title, if you think it might be an “art” film, slap yourself and then sit back and enjoy. Based on the books Confessions of […]

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