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Absence of Malice

Paul Newman stars in this journalism tangle that keeps you guessing the entire time. Akin to films like All the President’s Men, this one wraps you up in secrets so tight, you won’t be able to breath. Also starring Sally Field, who is good here as a naive reporter. Not one of my favorite actresses, […]

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The Soloist

Based on a true story, The Soloist is a strong film about two heroic characters and their unlikely friendship. Set in Los Angeles, Robert Downey Jr. plays a fledgling Los Angeles Times columnist, desperate for that ONE story that will revitalize his career. He meets Jamie Foxx’s character, who is a homeless man playing a […]

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State of Play (2009)

Since I wrote a post on the 2003 version, here’s my post for the 2009:As I wrote in my post for the 2003 BBC TV production of this tale, it is a well-done, intense political thriller…that is a must see. This one is about 4 hours shorter than the British TV production, but it is […]

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State of Play (2003)

I know the point of this blog is to highlight films on DVD — and the 2009 version of State of Play is still in theaters, as of today (May 6, 2009). But, the 2003 BBC production of this story is on DVD — and Niles owns it. So, in the meantime, while you’re waiting […]

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His Girl Friday

Splendid comedy remake of Ben Hecht play The Front Page with Cary Grant as a conniving editor, Rosalind Russell as a star reporter (and Grant’s ex-wife), and Ralph Bellamy as the mama’s boy Russell is trying to marry amid a hot murder story. Terrific character actors and sharp, witty dialogue add sparkle to this must-see […]

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The Big Clock

I saw this film for the first time after I watched the 1987 Kevin Costner film No Way Out, which is based on this 1948 Ray Milland movie. Both are good cat-and-mouse thrillers, different enough to be unique movies, but similar in all of the major plot points. The main difference between the two films […]

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