Go see it! Even if you are not on Facebook, this is a very interesting film. I did not get into Facebook until well after it was created as I was already out of college so it was interesting to see it from its genesis.

The film describes how Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg developed what is now Facebook as a Harvard sophomore from his dorm room. It began as an exclusive website for Harvard students, but as its popularity grew, it expanded to other universities, and eventually to everyone over the age of 13 in the entire world. The film switches back and forth from the present where Zuckerberg is involved in 2 different lawsuits, and flashes back to his days at Harvard creating Facebook with co-founder Eduardo Saverin, and subsequently his days in Palo Alto where he worked with Sean Parker, most notably know for creating Napster.

Being a Facebook user for about 4 years now, it was interesting to learn of all the drama and conflict that accompanied Zuckerberg in the early phases of Facebook. I really enjoyed seeing the evolution and growth of this colossal social network.


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