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Gone Girl Review

Movie Review: Gone Girl

Let me start out by saying I read this book over a year ago. And I liked the book…somewhat. Or more specifically, I thought the book was okay. Just okay. But I had heard that people who didn’t go crazy about the book in return LOVED the movie. So when I got around to seeing […]

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Jersey Girl

To be honest, I am not a Ben Affleck fan. And I have seen many of Kevin Smith’s films and am not crazy about him either. So, I went into watching this movie with no expectations whatsoever. I chose to watch the movie, on an airplane, only because I had seen all of the other […]

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State of Play (2009)

Since I wrote a post on the 2003 version, here’s my post for the 2009:As I wrote in my post for the 2003 BBC TV production of this tale, it is a well-done, intense political thriller…that is a must see. This one is about 4 hours shorter than the British TV production, but it is […]

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