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Kind Hearts and Coronets

This film, which made Alec Guinness a star all around the world, still ranks as one of the most popular British comedies of all time. The story is told by a droll, very serious young man, played by Dennis Price, who is being cut out of his royal bloodline by his stodgy, proper family. Even […]

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The Bridge on the River Kwai

If you can get past the annoying whistling (of the soldiers whistling a certain march, which is the movie’s theme music), this David Lean epic is one of film’s true masterpieces. William Holden stars as the tough, bitter Shears, who has been imprisoned in a POW camp for months when British colonel Alec Guinness and […]

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The Ladykillers (1955)

This 1955 British comedy from Ealing Studios may be one of most riotous dark comedies in history. The story starts off easy enough (an old London lady serves as the facilitator of criminal activities for five men until their “perfect” plan goes horribly awry) but quickly turns into a series of farcical errors, most of […]

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The Man in the White Suit

This film is another one of the Ealing Studios comedies of the 1950s with their star Alec Guinness in the main role. It begins slower than the others, and a little more confusingly, but then quickly catches up to the usual comic pace of the other Ealing films. Guinness is charming and very subtle as […]

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