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March Madness: MCU Edition

Spring is my second favorite season, (summer, you’re doing amazing, sweetie!) and with spring coming into bloom, that means the days are slowly getting longer and warmer, the chirping of birds right outside my bedroom window serve as nature’s ultimate alarm clock, baseball season is around the corner, and for 3 glorious weeks there’s college […]

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Three Blind Mice or Three Identical Strangers

Under the recommendation from a fellow colleague, I recently sat down to watch a compelling documentary titled Three Identical Strangers. The film follows the lives of triplets separated at birth and finally reuniting 19 years later under unusual circumstances. As one half of two sets of twins in my family; I was intrigued. What turns […]

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Healthy + Wealthy = Wise

You are a few months into the New Year and feeling good about those resolutions. Your closets and your desktop are reorganized. That long-lost friend is happy to meet up and the picture of the new food pyramid is on the refrigerator door. That’s great! But now consider adding a financial goal to the mix. […]

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