Niles-Maine District Library


Parents, Take Heart: The Library Is Here for You

There’s a lot of talk these days about living life with “balance” and “mindfulness.” Great ideas, but easier said than done. Many of us can feel how “out of balance” we are: too much work, worry, or kid concerns. Sure, we could eat better and exercise more: someday we’ll figure out how. As for mindfulness, […]

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Touring Greece and Loving the Culture!

καλή μέρα! Good Day! I recently returned from a bus tour of Athens and Ancient Greece. WOW! I took this tour because the Parthenon, Olympia and the Stadium, and Santorini were on my bucket list and also because I love history anywhere, anytime. Looking back, I feel that many of the lesser-known-to-me sites were just […]

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Time for a paycheck checkup

Money matters… I like to save money. I pack a lunch for work, use cloth grocery bags, and shop smart. I pay bills on time and plan for retirement. All of which allows me an indulgence at the local coffee shop more often than not. And when tax time comes around I have saved and […]

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